New York City Hot Spots

New York is home to world famous luxurious bars and restaurants. Visits to New York won’t be complete without having a taste of food and delicacies that bars and restaurants offer. Two of the famous bars and restaurants in this city are the Hard Rock Café International and The Four Seasons. Hard Rock Café International serves burgers, fries, and salads. American rock memorabilia are seen around the restaurant and souvenir shirts are also sold. The Four Seasons, on the other hand, serves fine American cuisine; although, advanced reservations for this restaurant are highly recommended. Every street in New York has bars and pubs that cater to different kinds of crowds. Some bars cater to young business people and some to students. One of the famous bars in New York is The West End or the West End Gate. This bar is where Columbia University undergraduates usually gather. It also served as a meeting place for different writers and student activists back in the 1960s. The West End closed in April 2006 and was replaced by Havana Central at the West End during the latter part of that same year.

New York is also home to a lot of shopping centers. It is believed to be a reliable place to buy goods. It offers a wide variety of stores that sell merchandise in every price range from the latest designer fashions to bargain clothing. They also sell cosmetics, appliances, and household goods. Most department stores usually hold end-of-season sales on seasonal items with significantly reduced price.

The most famous shopping center in New York is Macy’s. Located in Herald Square near the Empire State Building, Macy’s is the largest department store in New York. This center is considered more as a shopping empire than a retailer. It has nine floors of merchandise and is a favorite shopping destination for a lot of people.

Madison Avenue is recognized worldwide as the center for fashion retailing. It is also where new trends in fashion originate while Bergdorf Goodman is known for its designer clothing and upscale merchandise. Meanwhile, Century 21, located near the famous twin towers, offers bargained price merchandise.

Rockefeller PlazaAnother famous mall in New York is the Fulton Mall. It is a pedestrian street mall found in Brooklyn. It is home to over 230 stores and has more customers than the famous Madison Avenue. However, only buses, commercial vehicles, local truck deliveries, and emergency vehicles are allowed on the street.

Another important element of tourism industry in New York is the hotel. The most famous hotels in this city are the Plaza Hotel and Waldorf-Astoria. Plaza Hotel is a 19-storey luxury hotel located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South in Manhattan. This hotel was opened to public in 1907 and is the only hotel in NYC designated as a National Historic Landmark. Waldorf-Astoria, on the other hand, was officially proclaimed as New York City landmark in 1993. This hotel is synonymous with elegance and grandeur and is home to luxurious boutiques with three restaurants and four lounges. This hotel is located on Park Avenue where famous New York City attractions like Times Square and Rockefeller Center are found.

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