Events and Festivals in NYC

New York City is famous for its diverse events all year round which can either be annual events or one-day events. Aside from the festivals celebrated all throughout the year, New York also offers summer concert series and trade shows. This state is home to several performing arts and cultural groups.

One of the festivals celebrated in New York City is the New York Film Festival. This festival, celebrated at the Lincoln Center, usually begins on Sept 23 and runs for 17 days. It is considered to be the most famous and the most prestigious film festival in the U.S. This festival showcases an impressive array of inspiring, provocative, and delightful films created by the newest and most important directors from all over the world.

New Yeark in New YorkJust like the rest of the world, New York also celebrates and welcomes the New Year. Every year, people await the Times Square New Year’s Eve. They gather together in the famous Times Square to witness the Times Square ball drop at the stroke of midnight. This celebration, which started in 1906, has become a New York tradition. Millions of voices unite to countdown the final seconds of the year and welcome the New Year with hopes, challenges, changes, and dreams.

New York is also famous for the various parades that are observed on its streets. The most famous of which is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This parade, observed every Thanksgiving Day, is known for its elaborate floats and marching bands. New Yorkers have been observing this spectacular parade for over 75 years. Macy’s employees, dressed as clowns, cowboys, knights, and sheiks, march from 145th Street down to 34th Street. This parade also showcases floats, professional bands, and children’s favorite balloons like Snoopy, Kermit the Frog, and Superman.

Meanwhile, St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a world famous parade done every 17th of March. The first official parade was held in 1766 by Irishmen in military unit. During this day, everything goes green along Fifth Avenue. In this parade, floats, automobiles, and other usual things that we see in a normal parade are not allowed. The main attraction for this parade is the 150,000 participants that march down the street.

Easter Parade, done along Fifth Avenue, is a New York tradition that has been celebrated since the 1800s. Participants of this parade wear beautiful hats, clothing, and Easter bonnets as they march down Fifth Avenue. This celebration is a showcase of finery from elegant to outlandish and is regarded as a casual affair rather than a parade. Spectators will see live rabbits, pet snakes, flowers and clowns during the parade.

The Brooklyn Independence Day Parade is New York’s oldest Independence Day parade. It is done together with the celebration of July the Fourth and features activities like tall ships sailing up the Hudson River and Macy’s fireworks.

Puerto Rican’s are New York City’s largest ethnic group. Because of this, a celebration called Puerto Rican Day Parade is done every second Sunday of June. Just like the Easter Parade, its routes head down Fifth Avenue. Entertainers, politicians, and other famous people take part on this parade.

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